• 'Response structure' enables you to select what exactly is readily available for the pupils whenever typing their essays, as an example the regular WYSIWYG editor with or with no substitute for upload files, or an ordinary text editor (without any formatting.) No text that is online they can't form any text. You can't choose this if you do not enable accessories, once the learning pupils may have absolutely nothing to submit. They may require plain text with monospaced font for their code if you have programming students. You should choose 'HTML editor with file picker' should you want to supply the sound and video clip recording buttons into the HTML editor.
  • 'Require text' enables you to determine whether or otherwise not pupils must include text to the text editor whenever they are doing the concern. In the event that you just would like them to upload a word-processed file being an essay, then you can certainly set this to 'Text input is optional'. (remember that this setting doesn't force the pupil to kind text to the text editor; they are able to nevertheless leave it blank and continue steadily to another concern.)

  • 'Accepted file kinds' enables you to specify type(s) of file the pupils must upload.

Reaction template

It will be possible for an instructor to produce a template to scaffold the pupil's response so that you can let them have additional help. The template will be reproduced within the text editor once the learning pupil begins to answer fully the question. See Youtube video Essay scaffold because of the Moodle test additionally it is feasible to incorporate grading information for instructors marking the essay to because they measure the essays: