Thursday, 13 December 2018
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"Our goal is your satisfaction" 

Flag and Sign Inc is a young and dynamic company that specializes in manufacturing and marketing all types of flags, streamers, signs, P.V.C., and banners in any shape and any size.We pay special attention to customer’s requests, while ensuring the highest quality possible of stitching and printing, tight schedules, and of course – unbeatable pricing.

Most of the company’s production takes place in the Far East, in factories which belong to other main American company, A.G.A.S.. For further information regarding our products, please visit our website at

Our clients include Ma’atz, A.Dori, Shomeret Ha’Zorea, Kakal, Solel Bone, Ha kameri, Shavit productions, Ganey taarucha, Dr. Fischer and many more.

We are committed to serving you.

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