Friday, 23 August 2019
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Flag and Sign - Signs and banners
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The banners and the signs are the top of the frontal advertising tool nowadays.

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The banners are made of printed vinyl, which makes the banners very strong and durable. They come with grommets from every side, which allows be to hang and stretch out for maximum effectiveness, especially outdoors.The following banners are available  in stock:


- End of Season/Clearance

- For Sale

- Leasing

- For Rent

- Open Soon

- Happy Holidays

- Car Sale

- Welcome

- Inventory Sale

- Happy New Year

- Car Rental

- Grand Opening

- Public Auction

- Grand Opening Sale

Another option for the banners is the P.V.C material which is cheaper but less durable on hard weather conditions, the print we use on it is digital.

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