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Flag and Sign - Car flags
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"Use the mobility  advantage to achieve your advertising objectives"

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The car flag is a common and well known elections or any other exposure solution.There are few options for the car flag:

Standard Car Flags – Traditional car flags (40X30cm) in any pattern or as a nationality flag.

Made of Economic Polyester with Stitches on sides for durability.

Available with or without plastic pole.

Premium Car Flags – Exclusive car flags (40X30cm).

This flag is heavier and more prestigious. It is made of 3 layers of fabric sewn together, which allows the options of printing different patterns on either side.

Made of W Poly – Very strong.

Suitable for those looking for high quality car flags.

Comes with threading sleeve and a pole to attach to the car window.

Custom made car flag – you can design your flag by size, print, number of stitches or any material for long or short term of use.

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