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"Our specialty"

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Although we can manufacture a custom made flag for you in any shape or desired size, there are a few standard sizes recognized:

- 40X30 cm – Car Flag  

- 110X60 cm – Nationality Flag

- 120X80 cm – Nationality Flag

- 200X80 cm – Small Exhibition Flag

- 300x90 cm – Exhibition Flag

- 400X200 cm – Long Nationality Flag (For a Building)  

In addition, we can sew the flags from different fabrics although the recommended once are :  

- E Poly 

Woven Polyester. Suitable for relatively small sized flags or flags destined to by hung indoors.  

- W Poly

Knitted Polyester. Strong and durable. Suitable for all flag types. Suitable also for outdoor flags.

- Nylon

Extremely strong and durable. Suitable for very big flags. Available also in a U.V. format –  blocks out harmful sun rays and prevents the fabric from fading in extreme sun conditions.

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