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Flag and Sign - In stock
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"We stock various products for your comfort - when you need urgent products in immediate supply"

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Accessible products from the stock of nation flags:

Israel, United States, Argentina, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Macedonia, Malta,  Finland, France, Australia, Egypt, Turkey, Japan, Cuba, Switzerland, and Venezuela, Chile, chimney,  Georgia,  Jamaica, England, Hungary, Denmark, Cyprus, South Africa, Norway, Bermuda, Brazil, Italy.

Cloth sizes and types of Israel nation flag:

 X110 cm – e poly / w poly

80 x150 cm e poly / w poly

100  X220 cm e poly / w poly

150  Cm e poly

60X80  30X40 Cm e poly (car flag + plastic stick) 

Nation Streamer flags: 

-  We are holding in stock two types of streamer flags, plastic and cloth.

The two types are available in the model of triangle or rectangle and their size is 40X30 cm which is being sold in 50 meter cases. 

Additional flags:

Size: 150x100 cm

- Pirate flags

- Rainbow flags (pride)

- Rasta Flag (red, yellow, green)

- Israel Fleet flags

- Army corps flags (Israeli Army)

Stock of signs / banners 

We are holding in stock different types of signs for different events. The signs are made out of Vinyl and are printed to be compatible for hard weather conditions. To the banner are compound loops of metal that enable strong stretch and footing to the maximum stability and as such makes it a most effective advertising tool. 

Signs that exist is stock:


סוף עונה 




יפתח בקרוב  

חג שמח  

מכירת מכוניות 

ברוכים הבאים 

מכירת חיסול 

שנה טובה 

השכרת רכבים 

פתיחה חגיגית 


לרגל הפתיחה 

מכירה פומבית

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