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Flag and Sign - Podium banners
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"The podium flag is the prestigious and the exclusive product which is made for placement at offices of you, you're customer or any type of exhibitions"

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Another great product that we offer is the podium flag, with great ability it can strengthen your product or service and branding it in your customers gaze. With that, it can be used as a colorful filling for the office of your customer or yours.


The podium flag can be manufactured in any shape, color and material such as:


-          P.V.C


-          Vinyl


-          Polyester  


With that, it's possible to produce representative flags of army units, political or non political institution, firms or corporation according to customer's requirements.

The podium flag print comes on representative silk polyester material and we offer a lot of options with adding different types of mini poles, fringes and stands.

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