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Flag and Sign - Swooper flags
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"The well known, long and strong street Chinese flag"


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The Chinese flags are very popular on exhibitions, festivals or holidays and have huge advertising abilities when it comes to cheap product with mass effect.

These type of flags are common in few variants and are being used frequently in the next sizes :  

- 200X80 cm – Small Exhibition Flag

- 300x100 cm – Regular Exhibition Flag

- 400X200 cm – Long Nationality Flag (For a Building)

The recommended fabrics for the Chinese flag are :

Economic polyester – the basic and the thin type of polyester, mostly used for short term use.

Wrap knitted polyester – the strongest and the most common used polyester, especially for longer term of use.

Nylon – the nylon fabric is very strong and being used mostly for very big types of flags. It is possible to add the U.V option to protect the flag from being faded on strong sunny conditions.

With that, it is possible to add all type of garments such as sleeves on top, bottom, right or left side of the flag, metal holding rings and finishing with fringes.Besides that, we can manufacture custom made unique orders for you special needs.     

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