Sunday, 26 May 2019
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Flag and Sign - Windsocks
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We offer you brand new advertising signs, Windsocks.

The wind socks are an extraordinary way to advertise your product or service with maximum effectiveness and style. Today's market asks for unique ways to catch your customers attention, the wind socks do it perfectly.

The wind socks are available in a variety of patterns, shapes and prints but the regular and the common options for them are:

-       Regular Windsocks – long and round shape with big add placement space.

-       Laced Windsocks – Smaller add space but with laces which wave with the wind.

-       Elongated Windsocks – Extra long wind sock with huge advertising space.

Please note:

The 3-D promotional windsock can be used also as a lampshade and promote your product. The complete designing of the windsock is done in coordination with the customer to ensure satisfaction.

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